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Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0002 Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0002

Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0002

MOISTURIZING NOURISHING BODY CREAM? SATIN SKIN (nourishes + moisturizes with Shea butter sweet almond and rice oils)? A rich and velvety emulsion, easy to absorb, that nourishes your skin with an imme..

160,00Lei 200,00Lei
Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0003 Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0003

Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0003

EXFOLIATING REGENERATING GENTLE BODY SCRUB GEL? exfoliates + regenerates + smoothes with fossil marine algae powder.A gentle and effective scrub-gel with a light texture that renews your skin and make..

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Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0004 Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0004

Corp SkinLabo SLW_BD_N0004

ANTI-CELLULITE FIRMING BODY CREAMtightens + elasticizes + nourishesfights fluid retention, prevents stretch marks with Shea butter avocado and rice oils.A rich and creamy emulsion that restores elasti..

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