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Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0001 Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0001

Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0001

Men STRENGTHENING ANTI-HAIR LOSS* SHAMPOO - for fragile and thinned out hair - fortifies + restructures + protects - suitable for frequent washing-Specifically formulated for a gentle hair cleansing, ..

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Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0002 Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0002

Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0002

Men STRENGTHENING ANTI-HAIR LOSS* LOTION counteracts the loss of fragile and thinned out hair revitalizes + strengthens + hydrate- It is an ideal anti-hair loss* strengthening treatment, taking advant..

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Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0003 Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0003

Par barbat SkinLabo SLM_HA_N0003

Men FORTIFYING ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO purifies the scalp, fortifies hair bulb, combats desquamation- A fortifying and anti-dandruff treatment, ideal for oily hair and in general suitable for all hair t..

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